Ian Liska-The Guatemalan Artist 危地马拉艺术家伊恩·利斯卡

Ian Liska-The Guatemalan Artist 危地马拉艺术家伊恩·利斯卡

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Ian J Liska was born in 1983 in Guatemala City. His father is a chemist and his mother is a banker. His artistic creation has been influenced by his sister AnaLiska (famous painter in Guatemala). In 2007, Ian came to Europe. He began to create acrylic paintings which deeply affected by nature. In his paintings, Ian depict evolution, growth and human nature. Ian wants to communicate with people in a more powerful way that goes beyond language. We feel the sound, light, color by the senses, those we can not feel, beyond our senses of the information also is real. Ian through his own creation and inspiration, letting us to observe to think and to find by these works, so that these works present a story: the human, the universe, nature is the one.

the kind of life - encounter color, light and sound

In the interaction between mankind and nature, some images that can not be spread by language and can not be touched by the identification of sound, color, and light. He uses nature as the source of creation, combining of sound, color and light, brought us a different sensory art experience. His inspiration comes from his perception of the living environment of mankind, that is, human beings, the universe and nature are seamless. Just as the seed grows full of possibilities, the world has always shown endless natural beauty of sustainable development. Fortunately, his art has been the media, guests and the audience affirmation and love, which is his art continue to make more powerful. 

Exhibition Experiences:

2009: Prague, Czech Republic, "Fossil" restaurant Transformation solo exhibition, growth and spiritual promotion as the theme of the exhibition.

2010: Prague, Czech Republic, Cazarettin Hotel Beyond Perception Latin American Chamber of Commerce

2011: Prague, Czech Republic, Natural Tuning solo exhibition.

2012: Czech Republic, Czech Museum, September 5 to September 30

2012: Czech, Czech art museum, Butterfly Effect 2012, Mayan Calendar

2012: Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou Carrie Royal Jinxu Hotel, July to October Ruby - Abstract Jewelry

2013: Guangzhou, China, E8 wheat warehouse art space, August 20 to October 1 Sound, Color, Light - Butterfly Effect

2015: Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou Grand Theater, November 27 The kind of life

2015: Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou Grand Theater, July, August A Touch of Gold

2016: Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou Grand Theater, March, April Sound, Color, Light

2016: Guangzhou, China, Pa Ti Beer Culture and Creative Art District B, November 11 Rainbow preview


Works Style:

Found--Audrey Hepburn


Mind-reading ----Balance, health, happiness, energy

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